Anna Strauchold

Anna Strauchold


Company: „AS” Real Estate Advisor

For over 15 years associated with the real estate market in Poland,  8 years in Lithuania and over 1 year in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Working for 18 years for Deichmann Anna has gained  the huge experience in the world wide present company, supporting its  projects in the investment-, finance- HR- and finally expansion department.  

For over 10 years responsible for the portfolio management of 350 Deichmann stores in Poland and expansion in Lithuania.

Sinse April 2018 responsible for the business development of Giacomo Conti and since June 2018 additionally at the position of Expansion Manager East by Tally Weijl, responsible for Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Anna is a graduate of German Philology at the University Wrocław as well Postgraduate Management Studies at the University of Economy in Wroclaw.